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Energetic Imprints in Food

Thursday May 07, 2015

Thursday May 07, 2015

Besides chemical components in food, what are the ENERGETIC elements that make up food? In this podcast, we will explore the underlying make-up of food and how it effects the human being.For more information:

Thursday May 07, 2015

How and Why should you detoxify after a junkfood binge? In this podcast I will discuss a few principles that you can apply in your own unique life situation to begin feeling better IMMEDIATELY.For more information:

Tuesday May 05, 2015

Unless you have healed all layers of your being, you probably have an "escape route." An escape route is the pattern we use to buffer ourselves from uncomfortable feelings. In this podcast, we will look at understanding the escape route better and thus harnessing its power for productivity, instead of fear and stagnation.To learn more about Ethan and his work, visit:

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